Security Audit/Review

Identify and Minimize Risks

At Capital IT Network Solutions, if it is important to your company, it is important to us.  That is why we can help you conduct a thorough security audit and review of your entire network, to help you identify and minimize risks.  We can offer a wide array of managed network security audits and reviews, including security vulnerability, industry compliance reviews, risk assessment and management, enhanced information and asset protection, maintenance after corrective actions, and many more services, depending upon your individualized needs.

Our Initial Network Security Assessment

We can start by setting up an initial network security assessment, to create a customized report of your needs.  This report will outline your network’s security vulnerability points, as well as how Capital IT can better secure both your systems and your information.  We will also provide you with ways your company can better reduce risk on a daily basis.

Capital IT Network Solutions is dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive IT network system security within your budget. Our personalized, individualized approach to each and every one of our clients’ companies is why they have chosen to partner with us…and why you should, too!

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