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Technology planning for your business is one of the most often overlooked areas.  A proper IT plan for your business can increase your productivity, reduce your operational costs, improve your customer service, and is an equitable investment that can  grow your business.

At Capital IT Network Solutions, we can show you how to optimize your tech budget with a personalized, customized IT design that can address all of your tech needs, both now and in the future.  A customized IT plans can address your company’s needs such as:


The initial part of your technology plan is verifying that the right systems are in place that works properly with your business needs.  From state-of-the-art Cloud to legacy solutions,  we can help you determine your current and future IT systems needs, to ensure that all critical business systems are current (software, hardware age, licensing, and warranties) and that your servers are properly utilized.  At Capital IT Network Solutions, we want to make certain that your IT infrastructure needs match what you need AND what you can afford.


In business today, downtime is “DEAD” time, for you and your customers.  Your company needs to be operating during its regular “business” hours.  Capital IT Network Solutions can help you prepare a thorough business continuity solution that meets your  needs and budget.


Your company’s network needs to be protected from an external, internet-based attack, no matter what form it takes.  Whether it’s a virus in an email attachment, or an outsider, hacking or phishing in your company’s data stream, Capital IT Network has you covered with a managed security system plan that is perfect for the needs of your company.  Even internal security breaches can occur without warning, and that is why Capital IT Network Solutions can help you determine the best multi-layered way to protect your company and your customers, especially if your business is forced to meet legal regulations or restrictions on a regular basis.


Modern business requires modern technology–which means quality internet connection. This is why you need to partner with Capital IT Network Solutions, so we can assist, assess and acquire current and future connectivity needs, all within your budget.

Telecommuting and remote access

Sometimes, you need your employees to be available any time, from everywhere. At Capital IT Network Solutions, we can help you select the best possible remote access options, to meet your needs when you need them.  Whether on a workstation, laptop or mobile device, instant access to communications, information, or ideas is key to your success.

Business applications

Whether your business runs custom-built applications or mainstream ERP software, these apps need to up-to-date and under warranty.  We can help you select the best applications for your company, and offer the best support around.


As long as you are in business, you are going to generate information.  As your company grows, so too does the required storage and access of data.    This is why you need to make certain that there is enough space on your network, your workstations, and your devices to store all of your data securely.  Capital IT Network Solutions can help you review your current storage needs, and design the best possible options for your needs.

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